10 Stylish Gold Desk Accessories that will light up Your Workspace

10 stylish gold desk accessories

You must have spotted them on TV shows or movies because they are very attractive, gold accessories can add a unique look to your home office. Don’t be scared about the price, these accessories are affordable, and the unique thing about using gold accessories is the easily blends with other colors such as the color of your desk, office chair or paintings you have hung on the walls around your home office. Gold desk accessories look elegant, and regarding the best desk accessories for women, look no further. The gold theme you will achieve by using these accessories will help you feel motivated and happy in your home office. These are some of the proven effects the gold color has on our minds.

So let’s have a look at ten stylish gold desk accessories that will transform your workspace

1. Stainless Steel Gold Pen Holder

Stainless Steel Gold Pen Holder

Pen holder is essential desk accessory to help keep your home office well organized. Now imagine if it was gold plated. The stainless steel gold pen holders are beautiful; the color blends with a wide range of finished wood so this gold pen holder will look elegant on your home office desk. It is spacious enough to hold your frequently used stationary without taking too much space on your desk. The hexagonal look gives the pen holder a modern appearance which is very classy.

2. Gold Striped Coffee Mug

This coffee mug has an aristocratic look that will appeal to you. It is made from high-quality ceramic, and the gold stripes make it stand out one of the stylish desk accessories you need to improve your home office space. Start your day with a smile sipping coffee from this beautiful mug.

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3. Metal Paper Tray

Metal Paper Tray

It has a simple design but looks very nice when filled with white A4 paper. The paper tray helps you avoid clutter by keeping papers well arranged. The gold appearance is somewhat soothing to look at; this is definitely a gold desk accessory you want to have within reach in your office.

4. Brass Golden Scissors

Brass Golden Scissors

Even the simplest desk accessories for women can be upgraded. It is a light-weight scissors with well-padded handles that make them comfortable to use for cutting paper or fabric. The gold look gives it an astonishing look that will blend in with the other gold desk accessories you will get for your home office. You can find a space in your pen holder for this beautiful scissors to maintain an organized workspace.

5. Gold Acrylic Stapler

Gold Acrylic Stapler

It works like a normal stapler, but this stylish desk accessory is far from simple. It is so beautiful, the perfect desk accessory for women. The gold acrylic stapler has a good grip and a fair staple capacity of 1000 pcs. You can find a nice spot on your desktop where this beautiful accessory can be easily reached without obstructing your work.

6. Leather Personal Planner: Gold Dots

Leather Personal Planner: Gold Dots

I gasped with glee the first time I saw this beautifully designed leather planner. It is the perfect desk accessory for women. The design brings peace and calm regardless of the tough schedules you are entering in the pages of this planner. It is made from high-quality white leather and finished with beautiful gold spots. You have 80 A5 sheets to work with, the sheets are held with beautiful looking six--hole gold ring binder. This fascinating leather personal planner will help you get ready for your meetings and work schedules.

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7. Gold Stainless Steel Clipboard

Gold Stainless Steel Clipboard

It is gold plated with rounded edges that look very classy. The golden glossy look is attractive; this stylish desktop accessory will catch the attention of every visitor that walks into your office. Get the look of successful professionals with this amazing gold plated stainless steel clipboard. It features a high-quality clip that can firmly hold as many as 100 normal sized papers. The strong clamp can be relied on for organization if you need to use this stylish desk accessory for presentations. Such fascinating style and value, who wouldn’t love this elegant clipboard as a desk accessory?

8. Gold Plated Mouse Pad

Gold Plated Mouse Pad

The stylish design of this beautiful mouse pad makes it one of the most desired desk accessories for women. It has enough room for your hand to roam while using a wireless mouse or the brands with cords. The aluminum alloy gold plated mouse pad has a high-quality leather base finishing which sits firmly on the desk surface. It is perfect for women who use the optical laser or mechanical mouse for work. Even on the toughest days at work, the look of this beautiful mouse pad will encourage you to keep clicking until your work is finished. The durable design means you will have this stylish desktop accessory for many years.

9. Metal Ball Point Pen

Metal Ball Point Pen Rose Gold

Now you can enjoy the smooth flow writing with a beautifully designed ballpoint pen. It feels comfortable to hold and lightweight. You will like the grip of this pen, and the copper finishing gives it an elegant look that will blend in with your gold desk accessories.  You can use this pen for many weeks, it comes with two refills, and the brilliant black ink will make your writing look neat and presentable on paper. This metal ballpoint pen is packaged in a metal case which makes it a perfect gift idea for a friend who works from her home office.

10. Gold Plated Paper Clips

Gold Plated Paper Clips

They are made from galvanized brass and steel, excellently finished with bright gold plating. You will love these heavy-duty yet fancy paper clips. They come with a high-quality spring and steel teeth to firmly hold your documents in place. These paper clips are essential to keep your desk organized, and they add a touch of elegance to your desk.